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'Cause Sorrow Is Just All The Rage

By Kevin Guilfoile

"Justice will not be found through the legal system...Would taking some of their money even be justice? Their lives would go on, just with a little less money. Our lives will never be the same."

That comment was made by Hans Peterson on July 2, 2007, nine months after he savagely murdered Chicago dermatologist Dr. David Cornbleet. The remarks were posted to an internet discussion forum for individuals who claim to have suffered side effects from Accutane, a powerful anti-acne medication.

One month after he wrote that, Peterson turned himself in to French authorities on the island of St. Martin. According to reports, he told police that he murdered Dr. Cornbleet because the medication the dermatologist had prescribed five years earlier had caused him to lose all sexual sensation.

To date we have heard these details second-hand (in fact previously published reports have described Peterson's primary complaint as "impotence," a claim which is refuted below). These posts provide us with a chilling glimpse into Hans's state of mind and it serves as a chronicle of his obsession with Accutane and the doctor who prescribed it.

Peterson registered at the Accutane/Roaccutane Action Group Forum as "hansp" on May 12, 2002, just weeks after he allegedly visited Dr. Cornbleet's office for the first time. (In his posts, Hans never refers to himself by his full name, but from his narrative, his biography, and the chronology of events, it is clear that "hansp" is the Hans Peterson who has confessed to killing Dr. Cornbleet.) On June 16 of that year he posted his first comment.

"In late April, I went to see a dermatologist for my very mild, but persistent acne. He was an unethical old man who suggested accutane. He said that it was a very safe and popular drug with no serious side effects. I was never given a blood test. He never showed me the consent forms that he is required by law to make me sign. I was started on 80 mg per day. (I weigh around 190) He said that I could take the entire day's dose at once. When I picked up my prescription, the pharmacist conveniently forgot to give me the FDA required medication guide. When I picked up the medication, I was under the impression that accutane was an extremely safe drug.

"I took it for 2 days. Then I got a bad headache and read about the side effects. I stopped right away. I thought that I was safe having only taken a few pills. However, about 5 days later, I got really depressed and couldn't sleep. My ears started to ring around this time, and a lot of hair around my hairline began to fall out. (The roots of these follicles were black, normally they're white.) My appetite went away around this time as well. A couple of days after this, my libido vanished and I lost virtually all sexual sensation...It has been over a month and a half since my very brief experience with accutane and most of these effects have not improved at all. (I sleep a little better as I am starting to get used to the ear ringing, but that is about it.)

"Am I permanently affected from taking an acne medicine for 2 days?"

More than 60 posts from Hans follow over the next five years. They show a man becoming increasingly obsessed with the drug Accutane and the effects he believed it was having on his body and his mind. He attributes a series of ailments, including depression, to the medication but the two that he claims most haunt him are a constant ringing in his ears and a loss of sexual sensation.

On November 15, 2002 Hans wrote:

"Since taking a relatively high dose of accutane for a very short period of time 7 months ago, I have been experiencing persistent sexual problems. I would describe it as a loss of libido and sexual sensation. I have lost virtually all interest in sex. When I do engage in sex or masturbation, the act is no longer pleasurable. I can get an erection and otherwise function normally. The pleasurable sensation is just gone."

On April 30, 2004, in a thread specifically about "Erectile Dysfunction," Hans wrote:

"How am I coping with it? Not particularly well. You take a drug in order to increase your chances of getting laid, and end up not being able to enjoy getting laid. (Getting an erection isn't that big of a problem - it's the near complete loss of sensation.) I guess you could try to enjoy pleasing the other person, and all that crap. But, still, this side effect is horrible..."

As the years pass, Hans tries to become more familiar with both the science and the unsubstantiated claims made about Accutane. He consults with other doctors, who are not able to prove a link between his ailments and the drug he took briefly years before.

On February 6, 2003, he wrote:

"I have just begun law school, and tasks like paying attention or concentrating are not as easy as they were before I took Accutane. Perhaps I can use whatever legal knowledge I gain to take my revenge... I have nothing else to live for."

(The list of side-effects that members of this forum attribute to Accutane is so long that it would be difficult to find a response from drugmaker Roche for every single one. In the past Roche has denied a connection between Accutane and the most serious conditions alleged. "It's our conclusion, along with the outside experts and the FDA, that there is no scientific basis that links Accutane with depression or suicide," a spokesperson told Reuters in 2002.)

In a few of these posts, Hans seems to be formulating his rationalization for murder. According to Hans, Dr. Cornbleet is a villain who "deceived" him by knowingly prescribing a dangerous drug without providing any warning of the harmful effects associated with it. Hans also suggests a possible motive for this: Greed. On October 9, 2002 Hans speculated that Dr. Cornbleet was "desperate for patients, and, if I were to go on accutane, I would have to see him every two weeks for a check up."

These two claims would seem to be inconsistent, however. Presumably Dr. Cornbleet did not tell Hans that Accutane was an "extremely safe" and "popular drug with no serious side effects" that nevertheless required an intense schedule of bi-monthly monitoring visits.

And yet, especially compared to the standards of internet discussion forums, Peterson's writing is frequently clear and concise. At times he even grows impatient with his fellow posters, chastising them for throwing out statistics and claims without citations:

"Is there anyone that can tell me where this information is actually published? I admire the effort of the people that run this site, but you should really provide some adequate form of citation, so we know that these figures aren't just pulled out of the air...I don't doubt the truth of these statements, but in order for this website to be taken seriously, there needs to be some way of verifying the claims that are made on it."

After a period of frequent activity in the spring and summer of 2004, Hans disappears from the forum for two years, returning on September 20, 2006, just four weeks before he would travel from New York to Chicago to murder Dr. Cornbleet. On that day he posts two links--one to a depression study reported on the BBC web site and another to a video on YouTube. On October 10, he posts the complete text of an article about Dopamine.

The next post is February 7, 2007, more than three months after the murder:

"I was deceived by my doctor almost 5 years ago into taking this drug (no consent form, no med guide, no warnings whatsoever). I took a rather high dose for two days. TWO DAYS!!! (albeit an 80 mg undivided dose) Life altering, presumably neurological, problems which I never experienced before have plagued me ever since.

"I will never know again what it is like to pleasure a woman because I no longer have any sexual sensation - I will never again experience what silence is due to the constant ringing in my ears - I will never know who I would have become because of what this motherf**king drug has done to my mind. A drug which I should have never been prescribed...In at least some cases, such as mine, this drug just does its damage when its taken, or shortly thereafter, and that's it. No real hope of recovery, doctors are useless, the damage is done.

"Doubt my problems and their connection to Accutane all you want - I know I wouldn't believe a word of it if I had never taken the drug and someone told me the story I have told above. The truth is, I'm a rational non-hypochondriac who still can't believe how his life has been changed by this drug."

He posted four more times before he turned himself in to St. Martin police in August. On July 2, his second-to-last post he wrote:

"Justice will not be found through the legal system. There is no way to objectively verify Accutane-induced permanent neurological problems. Even if there were, it would be near impossible to legally prove causation. Even then, statutes of limitation would have run... If and when the **** ever does hit the fan they will just point out how strenuously they claimed their ignorance about permanent problems.

"Would legal justice even be justice, anyway? The people who have profitted from Roche's deception won't be personally brought to justice -- they will be shielded from personal liability... Roche's stock might drop, that's about it, it still would have been rational for those ***holes to deceive regarding Accutane in the first place: its profits over the years have been more than enough. The corrupt FDA, as a gov't institution, can't be held liable....

"There is no foreseeable retributive action in the legal system which would make their fraud regarding Accutane a mistake. Their decisions were economically rational and they know it. Would taking some of their money even be justice? Their lives would go on, just with a little less money. Our lives will never be the same.

"If you seek real justice, it will not come through the legal system -- they know this, that's why they continue to deceive and play ignorant. It is the financially rational thing to do..."


accutane peterson said...

Good investigative job, KG.
And without bias, too.

Hans was not obsessional like this before Accutane. You can see that his brain was highly functional but the emotional/social part was warped.
This is Accutane induced psychosis.

Anonymous said...

I wish the pussy would quit hiding and come back to the States to face justice. He should never be a free man again.

Anonymous said...

Dr Peterson, why do you play these silly games and use accutane peterson as if anybody does not know this is you? It would be more credible if you stopped playing these games.

What a sad pathetic attempt to play off an insanity plea that you will not get. Hans drove to New York to Chicago full well knowing what he was doing. Entered the building of Dr Cornbleet armed with weapons with the intention of killing him. He left Chicago and drove back to New York and even told his sister that he left DNA there and knew he had to make a move. He left the country a few months later perfectly aware of what he was doing. So, this accutane made him the devil is not fooling anybody. He took the medication two times. It was Hans own sister who contacted the Cornbleets to tell them about Hans. Your own daughter could not live with the guilt. Hans deserves to go to jail for the rest of his life for what he did to Dr Cornbleet, what he did to your family and for putting two countries against each other over getting him. He is an evil person and is a harm to himself and others.


Anonymous said...

I read this and was saddened by much of it. Hans was obviously very spoiled and probably could have used more positive influences in his life.

The way Hans interacts with others is really pathetic. Anybody who questions him gets belittled such as when he calls the girl a low-level employee. Who talks like that when somebody disagrees with them?

As I have said before, this is not indicative of how my father ran his practice. I worked for him for over 10+ years every single Saturday on a volunteer bassis, I also pretty much grew up in the office filling in on school breaks etc. and referred legions of my own friends,colleagues and clients to him. I also was personally a patient of his and have yet to find another doctor who gave the individual attention that he did to his patients. In the 28+ years that my father practiced, he never had one serious complaint, lawsuit filed against him, or complaint with the American Medical Association and I would know first-hand as I handled a lot of the office work for him.

Very funny to call him desperate for patients considering he built one of the largest practices in Chicago while keeping his prices to the bare minimum. My father never had the heart to charge people a lot of money. I had to beg him to raise his prices. My father gave very little care to the financial rewards of being a physician and was more concerned with the helping of others aspect. From a financial point, he could have retired many years ago, but continued to practice because he loved and cherished helping others.

I appreciate your support of the case.


Jon Cornbleet

Anonymous said...

Hans obviously had a lot of problems. Lots of people have much bigger problems and deal with them without brutally killing someone. All the other excuses are BS... He's a smart guy. He did this thing and despite all his talk about fighting back, he still doesn't have the courage to stand up...

Anonymous said...

Hans Peterson is the devil himself. He will go straight to hell for what he has done and anybody who helped him along the way are going straight to hell with him. What a sissy to cry about taking a drug that he took two friggin times. It was all in his head every bit of it! He also has no balls thus can not feel anything from sex as a real man would not be hiding behind loopholes in the law.

Anonymous said...

What a load of shit!!!!

I was a patient of Dr. Cornbleets and he was very thorough and went through everything with me in great depth before he put me on accutane and I never had any side effects. This Hans Peterson and his cowardly actions just so much ticks me off. Why doesn't that bastard come back to America to face justice?

Anonymous said...

The FDA believes that Accutane can cause depression, psychosis, suicide, and pseudotumor cerebri, a neurological disorder that mimics symptoms of brain tumor.

As much as Hans' actions were horrible and tragic, and his attempt to flee the law deplorable, his symptoms were likely real. He needs to be brought to justice. But importantly, in-depth research into the mechanisms of this medication (which, as is usual with modern drugs, are largely unknown) needs also to happen.

Anonymous said...

Great work again, I look forward to your blogs. I find more information here about this case then anywhere! Keep them coming!

Eric said...

This is a very good data tracking to bring some clues to a future fair trial.
Undoubtfully Hans have commited a crazy violent criminal act and he might be insane, but naming him "devil" is a nonsense because he is very human, a basic human murderer. A human who had choose to kill (even innocent) as for a supposed revenge. Nothing to do with devil, this is just violence, another violence among everyday violence, justified or not.

Anonymous said...

Hans obviously had many many problems and is blaming all of them on accutane, what a load of crap. He should take responsibility of his actions and so should his family. I can't believe his father keeps defending him and is suppose to be a doctor himself. Dr. Cornbleet was a great dermo and man. I hope Hans is returned to the US soon!

Sara Paretsky said...

Kevin, the Tribune picked the bones out of your post. No attribution but they clearly used it--a little frustrating, but good j ob on your part.

Kevin Guilfoile said...

Thanks Sara,

Actually the Trib article does say that this story was first reported here. And I think there might be some more coverage of this in the next couple days.

Anonymous said...

Good for France! Why should they bend their laws because "we" want them to? They have laws in place for a reason just like we do. Beads to France and boos to the death penalty and those who support it.

Kevin Guilfoile said...

Boy, everybody wants to be anonymous around here.

Just for the record, anonymous the later, this case isn't so much about the death penalty. Illinois has a popular moratorium on executions and since no one is getting jabbed with a needle anyway, I have no doubt that the state's attorney would have taken it off the table (no pun intended).

France's refusal to extradite its citizens has nothing to do with the death penalty. If Hans did not have French nationality, however, they might demand such a promise from prosecutors before extraditing.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Hans bothered to see a doctor after his symptoms began? Or did he just self-diagnose these as side effects from accutane? And what credible evidence does he provide that there would be no justice from the legal system, which he didn't even bother to pursue? Hans lives in a world where things are so because he says so. Doesn't change the fact that he is a calculating, cold-blooded sociopath, whose selfishness and narcissism is apparent from his writing as well as his actions.

I saw Dr. Cornbleet once, and he was very thorough in explaining to me his diagnosis and what medications he was prescribing to me. Greed? He didn't even charge me my co-pay.

Whatever has caused Hans Peterson's problems does not justify what he did, and after reading some of the comments from his father, it makes me think there's a little 'like-father. like-son' sense of entitlement and righteousness happening. But reading these posts from Hans also makes me wonder of there isn't some deeper psychological problem like borderline personality disorder or schizophrenia present.

If I were France, I'd worry about what happens when Hans is set free. Who's next?

Kevin Guilfoile said...

Hans did see other doctors in order to try to establish a correlation between his symptoms and Accutane and none of them were able to make such a link (I have this information from individuals who knew Hans, and he seems to confirm this in one of his posts when he writes "This forum and websites similar to it are really my only tools for determining my prospects for recovery as I have gotten absolutely no help from doctors to date. ")

By the way, anonymous, I'm interested in hearing from other patients of Dr. Cornbleet, especially those who had been prescribed Accutane by him. If you or any other of his patients would be interested in speaking with me (you would be free to remain anonymous) please email me at

NC said...

It is remarkable to me how incredibly uninformed you guys are about the true nature of Accutane. I can tell most of you are still in denial about the other side of the story. I feel sorry for the Cornbleet family, David Cornbleet, the Petersons and the several other thousands of families that have been painfully affected by the consequences of the terrible drug Accutane, which is why I'm here to set the record straight. When you guys say everything was all in his head, you are absolutely correct because it was the drug that damaged his brain. I agree that what Hans did was horrible and wrong, but back off on hating Hans Peterson for just one minute and instead focus on hating the pharmaceutical company Hoffman-LaRoche and their drug Accutane, because this was the catalyst that caused Hans to commit murder. How many times do I have to say this, conduct some real due-diligence on Accutane and use some logic. Hans would not have committed murder if the chemotherapy drug Accutane was never given to him, damaging his brain's CNS/limbic system and inducing a permanent psychosis. The dosage Hans took definitely has the potential to cause permanent neurological damage. If you don’t believe me, try taking a dose of 400,000 IU of vitamin A and see what happens. (Actually, No, do not ever do this because it would be extremely dangerous) Accutane is like nuking your body with vitamin A because it is 100 times more potent than dietary vitamin A. The dosage that Hans took would be equivalent to taking 300,000 to 400,000 IU of vitamin A, and the recommended daily allowance (RDA) is only 5,000 IU.

The bad thing about Accutane is that there's a huge amount of individual variability when it comes to the side effects. Different people get different combinations of side effects. The side effects are very unpredictable, because through influencing DNA transcription (which is what all retinoid/vitamin A drugs do), it causes random groups of cells all over the body to differentiate and shut-down when they are not supposed to. That is why it is used in chemotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs kill cancerous cells, but they also kill the healthy cells of your body along with the cancer. Accutane binds to the vitamin A nuclear receptors RAR and RXR on the surface of the nucleus inside every cell in the entire body and changes the cells gene expression and protein transcription. This is why it has an extremely long-list of side effects involving every tissue and every organ in the human body.

Seriously, who knows about this stuff? Nobody! How many people know that if you eat polar bear liver, it will poison your body with vitamin A causing brain toxicity, psychosis, and causing your lips to crack and your skin to peel off in thick sheets from head to toe. And how many people know that the potential side effects of Accutane including death are the same as if you eat polar bear liver. Even Roche admitted way back 1978 that adverse side effects from Accutane "are essentially those of hypervitaminosis A" and for two and a half decades ever since, they've done an excellent job of downplaying the true dangers of Accutane.

Is it possible that Hans Peterson was inflicted with a deep psychological problem like schizophrenia? It certainly is. Retinoids (like Accutane) have been implicated in the disease pathology of schizophrenia and have been shown to damage the brain's limbic system, the hippocampus and the hypothalamus. But is the pharmaceutical company Hoffman-LaRoche ever going to disclose this information to acne patients? Highly unlikely, they're too busy making millions of dollars poisoning acne patients with a chemotherapy drug. The evidence of Hoffman-LaRoche's criminal behavior regarding their promotion of Accutane has been piling up for a long time and this should be blatantly obvious to any intelligent individual who does their due-diligence and examines the other side of the story. Remember what Congressman Bart Stupak said about Roche's tactics,

"The drug manufacturer, Hoffmann-La Roche....has continued to put profits before people. They have done everything possible to prevent the American people from learning of the psychiatric injuries and deaths associated with Accutane. Even, today I'm sure Roche will deny any causal effect of Accutane with the abortions, deaths, and suicides caused by their product."

If all of you would conduct some more research, you would discover that the murder of David Cornbleet was not the first murder caused by the use of Accutane. According to Congressman Bart Stupak, there have been others in the past, and you can read about it in the example quotes I’ve put below. But as usual, Roche has done a remarkable job of concealing the evidence and denying the association between Accutane and these acts of violent, aggressive behavior.

To give everyone an idea of what I’m talking about, here are a few example quotes from Congressman Bart Stupak’s meticulous analysis of Accutane’s dangers that he has just recently submitted. This document can be found at this link

Or as document number 22 titled “Supplemental Review of Accutane Safety Issues” at Stupak’s page about Accutane

If there was ever one document to read about Accutane, this would be it. In the quotes from this document I’ve listed below, HLR stands for Hoffman-LaRoche.

“In regard to psychiatric injuries, HLR’s efforts have been to suppress adverse events reports and medical/scientific evidence. HLR withheld its own studies that shed light on Accutane’s effect on the central nervous system. Further, HLR failed to submit safety precautions employed by other countries, provided “junk science”, and denied any biological causation between Accutane and psychiatric injuries. The only consistent explanation of these psychiatric injuries put forth by HLR is to blame the patients for their psychiatric problems. Throughout the history of Accutane, HLR claims it does not know how Accutane works. Therefore, HLR cannot claim that Accutane does not cause psychiatric injuries. HLR cannot have it both ways. It is obvious HLR is more interested in protecting its profits than in finding the cause of psychiatric injuries in Accutane therapy. Exhibit #77, 78, and 79”

“HLR cannot claim that it was not aware of the requirement to inform the FDA of recent scientific and medical studies showing that Accutane, vitamin A, retinoids or retinoic acid affect the central nervous system. As part of it’s annual report to the FDA, HLR submits a list of medical studies and scientific research on Accutane therapy, vitamin A, retinoids, and retinoic acid. Some of these studies and research demonstrate a cause-effect relationship between Accutane therapy and psychiatric injuries. For example, some of these studies and research from as early as 1980 raise the concern of vitamin A toxicity from retinoid use affecting the central nervous system. Exhibit #51, 52, and 53”

“HLR will put out information they know is wrong and very little is done to correct it. For example, when Charles Bishop flew his airplane into the bank in Tampa and Accutane was mentioned as a possible cause in Bishop’s behavior, HLR cranked up its PR machine. The thought was planted that we would have to wait until the autopsy report to see if Accutane was present in Bishop’s body. HLR knows full well that standard autopsies do not test for the presence of Accutane. As the FDA pointed out in an email, “Given the bad news about the poor kid in Florida, it is even MORE urgent that we get the letter out to JAAD (Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology)…....The derms are being poisoned with absolute nonsense and it is downright dangerous in my book…...I know we can’t compete with the Roche machine for their attention, but we have to try anyway!” Exhibit #101 and 102.”

“In 1999, the FDA was so concerned about HLR’s reporting and “soft coding” of Accutane psychiatric injuries that they did a “surprise” inspection of HLR’s plant and its adverse events database. The inspection resulted in a Warning Letter from the FDA for not timely submitting adverse event reports for several years and failing to disclose over 2,000 more Accutane adverse event reports. Exhibit #91,92, and 93.”

“As the June 25, 2002 FDA states, “So….even if you make a VERY conservative guess at the number of waived cases, adding this up for just this ONE year exceeds the numbers derms have available on their radar since the drug was approved in 1982……AS it stands right now, we do not even know how many such reports fall under each Body System. I am very concerned that someone “outside” is going to get their hands on, and publish, the real numbers of psych reports obtained during the legal discovery processes no doubt going on……FDA is going to look pretty sad if someone else points out there are thousands more than we acknowledge publicly!!” Exhibit #42”

“At our December 11, 2002 hearing, our colleague Ted Strickland picked up on the deadly spontaneous action caused by Accutane in young people when he asked, “Is it possible that this medication has an effect, an action that results in spontaneous, impulsive, self-destructive behavior that is different from that which occurs from a clinical depression”?

“The “spontaneous action” mentioned by Congressman Strickland and testified to by the Turney and Benz family members at our December 11, 2002 hearing separates Accutane caused psychiatric injuries from clinical depression. Even the dermatologist at the hearing testified that she could not predict when spontaneous events may occur in Accutane patients.”

“In the case of Matthew Turney, age 16, he was alone for 10 minutes when he came home from school and shot himself. Matthew and his parents were watching for any signs of depression as they were aware that Accutane may cause psychosis, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and suicides. Yet his parents never saw signs of depression and are asking how do parents protect their children when there are no clues as to when the fatal 10 minutes can occur!” Exhibit #60”

“Micheal Benz was a 31 year old fire fighter who never had acne but was prescribed Accutane. A tri-athlete, Michael cried out for help from his physician and was told to come back on Monday. Micheal Benz drowned himself by weighting his body down with weight lifting plates. The investigation into his death showed that he had logged onto an Accutane website the weekend he died. As a fire fighter and an EMT, Michael Benz must have had some idea what was happening to him. Still, he could not resist the sudden urge to take his own life. Exhibit #61”

“A review of the suicide adverse event reports describes young people with no history of psychiatric problems taking their lives. There are reports of young people talking to their parents one minute and then hanging themselves the next minute. There are reports of young people who have fender bender accidents and when law enforcement arrives to discuss the accident with them, they leave to get their driver’s license and instead grab a gun and shoot themselves. Exhibit #62.”

“This aggressive behavior referred to as OIB or SIB (self-inflicted bodily harm) was referenced in a 1999 email where the Accutane Medical Review Officer remarked that “I gave up trying to track all psychiatric reports and just have the self-injurious behavior cases…..sorted into my ‘SIB” stack, which is sadly growing tall.” Exhibit # 63, 64, and 65.”

“This aggressive behavior seen in Accutane patients manifested itself not only in self-inflicted injuries but also in four murders and reported murderous ideation amongst Accutane patients. Exhibit #66.”

“Of course, HLR denied any causation between aggressive behavior and Accutane therapy. Finally, on October 30, 2002 the FDA added “aggressive/violent behavior to the list of events that Accutane may cause”. Exhibit #68.”

“As the FDA noted in its August 31, 2000 email, “The population for whom Accutane is prescribed is overwhelmingly young and healthy. Accutane has been associated with many adverse events affecting nearly every organ system, and is a potent teratogen. Some of these adverse events are serious/life-threatening and the current labeling include a Black Box Warning, 11 additional Warnings, and 18 Precautions”. Even with this growing list of Accutane warnings/precautions, patients and their families are never told of its hidden dangers. Exhibit #68.”

Okay, back to my personal blog here. I handed this investigation over to you all on a silver platter by discovering the forum Hans posted at for the past 5 years, but still, it is obvious that the people in Chicago haven't kept up to speed and gotten with the times with regards to their knowledge about Accutane. I highly recommend that you all expand your knowledge about Accutane by reading my detailed description of it at this site’s other blog here at this link,

Scroll down near the bottom. In my first two posts I was anonymous, but thereafter identified myself by my initials NC. I've included all of my sources where I obtained information about Accutane so that everyone can verify that what I'm saying is true.

Anonymous said...

I work at the ipleadge program, the program that the FDA has set up to regulate Accutane and it's generic's and I have NEVER heard of anyone flipping out like this b**** A** DUDE who wasn't too scared to kill someone but who is too scrared to face what he's done here in AMERICA and for france to stand up for him by not sending him back here, there just as much to blame!! HE WASN'T EVEN BORN THERE!! I hope someone shot's off all his arms and legs and eyes and tounge in the middle of a cobblestone street there in FRANCE so that way he just has to lay for the rest of his life thinking of nothing but the KARMA he recieved and deserved for killing that poor innocent man!!!

Love me!

NC said...

I can understand your hatred towards Hans Peterson, because Accutane made him psychotic and he did a terrible thing, but I also know for a fact that you don't work at the FDA IPLEDGE program. You’re just an ignorant individual posting non-sense because you hate Hans Peterson. The IPLEDGE program monitors pregnancy, birth defects, and abortions caused by Accutane, NOT it's psychiatric side effects. By the way, the IPLEDGE program is a failure because many people have still gotten pregnant on Accutane, and those are only the cases that have been reported. There have been several instances of people getting pregnant, hushing it up with their dermatologist, contacting their lawyer, getting an abortion, and not reporting it to anybody. Read Congressman Bart Stupak's latest report on Accutane if you don't believe me. If you actually worked for the IPLEDGE program you would’ve pointed this out, and you would’ve also pointed out that the FDA defeated the proposal for a mandatory registry of psychiatric side effects, as Congressman Bart Stupak says in the following quote from his statement to the FDA Advisory Committee Hearing on iPLEDGE,

“As we know, the FDA dropped the mandatory patient registry and certification of practitioners whose prescribe Accutane to prevent birth defects and psychiatric injuries. Once again, the FDA succumbed to Roche’s pressure and the registry and certification was abandoned. Each time the Advisory Committee made recommendations to limit the distribution and use of Accutane, Roche pressured the FDA to protect and increase its sales of Accutane. In fact, the latest defeat of the mandatory registry and certification will benefit Roche by approximately $450 million. After all the devastation this drug has caused teens!!!! What special powers or charm does Roche have with the FDA? Many are starting to ask that question.” It is time for this committee on behalf of the American people to “start asking that question” what is the special power or charm that has allowed Roche to market Accutane which has caused death and devastation among our young people?”

HopesGone said...

GOOOO HANNSSS!!!! Needless violence should never be an option. I used to believe that, until I took accutane 5-6 yrs ago.
Don't get me wrong their are alot of people out their worrying over nothing since taking the drug and reading the forums about the side effects. But their are alot more of those people that are expierencing actual side effects that are permanent. I, myself could take the list of known side effects and check off about half of them with regards to the ones I have after taling the drug. For any doubters of the drugs side effects, I have an identical twin, we share 99% of the same dna, and live identical lives. Yet, my hair is gone, my bodies aging faster then it should, and so much more bad things all from accutane. Anyone who tries to debate this prob has never taken the drug. So again, I would like to say good for you hans, maybe it wasn't the cleanest crime of the century, but at least your living the free life. And I would bet everything in saying that anyone whos taken the drug and suffered from long-term side effects, has prob thought about doing the same thing. Too bad my derm quit after my treatment though. Well Hans, Enjoy.

P.S. For the Cornbleet's family, grow up he's a man who made a choice to prescribe a serious medicine to innocent people, it's not your fault that it's happened, it was his.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Hans Peterson, like is father is a mental case from the get go. I don't feel accutane did anything to him for the two days he was on it. Especially committing murder years later! Come on. Hans may be mental, but he is also a smart man, double majors, law school...he planned this all out. He has to blame someone for his mentalness. Sadly, he took his revenge out on Dr. Cornbleet, when he should be accusing his father for not being a better father and getting him help a long time ago. As for his sexual libido, I think he never had it, as a mental idiot, he is probably a closet homo. and is afraid to identify with it and deal with it. I think that is where it all stems from, his homosexuality. He is afraid to confront his family that he is gay and his own denial is making his already psychosis more severe. He can't get laid because he does'nt want a woman but a man and he can't deal with his wants and needs. He was probably sexually abused as a young boy. Perhaps by his own father...who knows, all I do know is the two, father and son are two mental idiots. As a parent myself, I will always love my children undconditionally, but I know a wrong from a right and I would'nt be making excuses for their faults, only making sure they own up to them. The sicko needs to come back to the US and be tried for murder,'s sad if it did happen, he would cry insane and get off with a slap on the wrist. Justice never pays off for the rich or mentally ill, it's an entitlement for them to committ heinous acts and get off for doing the crime. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

He was backed up in a corner. No one would help him or believe him. The system can protect bad people from being sued. But it can't protect them from pissed off guys like this.

Viola said...

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone given thought that Peterson may have another issue??? Obviously disturbed socially, obviously brilliant...sounds like Aspergers to me. I thought on the last blog it showed him to have written that he was putting together all his symptoms. This does not excuse the fact he murdered someone but explains his bizarre behavior..

Ann said...

I am disturbed by every aspect of this story.

Gratefully, I have never needed this drug, but I do understand drug allergies, and it sounds like Hans might already have had problems, and this drug was like a match to dynamite and exacerbated what was already there.

Quit defending this guy. Hans admitted that his initial plan was to cut off Dr Cornbleet's hands and feet, using a blow-torch to cauterize the limbs. While I can sympathize with him for what happened, it does not justify his actions several years after the fact.

This is what is so despicable about this whole thing - the exorbinate price Hans planned to make the Doctor pay. Under no circumstances is this normal. Anyone who would seek such retribution is a danger to all of us.

I honestly feel that the Doctor had no malicious intent and had probably not had any patient experience these extreme side effects. Had the doctor not fought back, I cringe when I think that Hans might have succeeded with his plans. His actions since then indicate that he is irredeemable.

My other thoughts are to ask France why they find it okay to force their laws onto another sovereign nation! That's BS of the highest order. We are not talking about the death penalty - although I think the very maliciousness of this attack cries out for severe punishment. We get this from the country that gave us the most gruesome and bloody execution instrument ever - the guillotine. They're not better than we are - they're worse. We still respect the laws of other nations, and this moral smugness is sickening.

This whole thing reeks at every level, and I can't find the fault on the Doctor's side. Anyway - that's my opinion. Thanks for reading this.

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CX said...

He had problems that started in high school.. BEFORE Accutane. The drug wasn't the reason he began having problems. Plus, he only took it for a few says. It was out of his body by six days. He meticulously planned the murder for four years.. I think you need to recheck your facts.

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